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Background last update:14 Jan 2016

People: ABN appoints new Poultry Nutritionist

To further strengthen its team, leading compound feed manufacturer ABN have recently appointed Harriet Lea as a Trainee Poultry Nutritionist.

Lea joined ABN in September following the completion of her four year PhD at Nottingham Trent University where she investigated the effects of feed supplements on broiler gut health. Her PhD provided Harriet with a great understanding of the important relationship between bird gut health with performance and welfare; this will be invaluable in her new role.

"My role as a Poultry Nutritionist at ABN will draw on knowledge and research I have gained during my PhD where I investigated the effect of prebiotics on the whole bird performance via its' impact on gut health and immunity."She goes on to explain that this involved measuring various parameters from cellular changes to changes in the birds' production performance. "Measurements were taken from weight gain to villus height, and then right down to a gene expression at the cellular level.

Lea's role will involve development of feed and premix specifications, using formulation software. "Designing and maintaining individual feed specifications to drive optimal performance for customers is something I am really looking forward to getting to grips with".

She adds, "Through my work at ABN, and alongside the experienced, existing nutritional and field technical team, I hope to increase my poultry knowledge from broilers, to also include layers, ducks, turkeys and game birds.


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