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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Product: New animal wellness pellets launched

Gallagher Grant Limited, a sustainable market development company, in collaboration with US-based New Composite Partners; offer an exciting product, SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets which are made with natural material derived from soy for animal health,

SoyPlus® Animal Wellness Pellets were originally introduced into bulk commodities as a marking system for dry processed commodities, and in animal feeds as a visual taggant or marker. These counterfeit-proof markers provide confirmation of the identity of a product, supplier, or producer. SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets are available in brown, red or green colr and standard pellet sizes of 1mm to 5mm in diameter.

SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets can also be used to deliver certain types of high potency, low dose additives or medications in animal feeds. When coloured, the pellets also give a distinctive, easily recognizable physical appearance to an animal feed or feed ingredient/additive which can be used for such tasks as differentiating between various types and levels of medication in feed rations. SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets were recently used by a European-based global animal health company to deliver a medicated additive and nutritional supplements into animal feed. SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets proved to be an ideal substrate for delivering the medication and supplements into animal feed.

SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets have a recommended shelf life is one year from manufactured date if stored below 75°F (25°C) and 60% relative humidity, are packaged in 50 pound (22kg) multi-wall paper bags.

Gallagher Grant would now like to continue to establish important market connections in the animal feed industry. Licensing, Private label, as well as Marketing, Distribution, and Joint-Venture relationships will be considered.

SoyPlus Animal Wellness Pellets are currently "Made in America" from a line of products offered by New Composite Partners, and are a registered trademark of New Composite Partners or its affiliates.

Sunita Sahota

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