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News last update:14 Jan 2016

GMP+ present new monitoring database tool

The GMP+ monitoring database launched in January as part of the new GMP+ portal, offers (groups of) companies an opportunity to configure their own area for managing their analysis results. It is an extra service offered by GMP+ International to all GMP+ certified companies, free of charge.

Where do you find the GMP+ Monitoring database?
The GMP+ Monitoring database can be found by clicking ‘My Monitoring’ in the purple section on the  homepage of the GMP+ portal.

What can you do with it?
In the GMP+ Monitoring database, you can go through all steps of your monitoring programme. We have developed a guideline for this which we have previously described, and it is also used in the manual of the GMP+ Monitoring database. Every purple block represents a feature in the database.

Did you know that…
- your laboratory can easily submit your analysis results via a digital message (XML or Excel)?
- together with branches within a company or for instance members of a collective monitoring programme, you can form a group allowing you to easily share your schedule and analysis results?
- you can share your analysis results in the system, with your customers and your group for instance?
- you device what details to share (anonymously) with the GMP+ community (all GMP+ participants and GMP+ International)? This means that you don’t have to share if you don’t want to; however, sharing with the GMP+ Community does come with some advantages. Because the more results GMP+ participants share (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community, the more information is available for all GMP+ participants! This information can be used to establish and evaluate your own monitoring programme and GMP+ uses it to adjust the GMP+ conditions.

For more information you can visit the GMP+ website.


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