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News last update:14 Jan 2016

IFFO introduces new logo.

The IFFO (International Fishmeal and Fish Oil organisation) has unveiled its new logo. The new logo was created to reflect the broader membership since the organisations conception over 50 years ago.

IFFO was formed in 2001, but has a collective history of over 50 years, encompassing the activities of its predecessors, namely the Fishmeal Exporters’ Organisation (FEO), International Association of Fish Meal Manufacturers (IAFMM) and International Fishmeal and Oil Manufacturers’ Association (IFOMA). The organisation continues to move with the times and is introducing a new look for 2013.

While the fishmeal and fish oil industries are still at the core of the organisation, recent years have seen members from the human nutraceutical sector, marine crustacean processing, algae cultivation and even retailing join the organisation as the importance of renewable, responsibly managed marine ingredients has grown. To reflect this broader membership, the IFFO board agreed a modernised logo and strapline, while retaining the name IFFO to maintain a link to the long history of the organisation.

The new logo was chosen from a number of proposals due to the modern, clean font and the globe device representing the truly world-wide range of the organisation. The colour choice reflects the links to the oceans – curved graphics on letterhead, a new website (currently in development) and other stationery also pick up the marine theme. The new strapline recognises the wider categories of business that are now members of the organisation.

Members wishing to use the new IFFO logo on packaging or other materials should contact us through secretariat@iffo.net.


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