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News last update:14 Jan 2016

People: Aller Petfood reinforce marketing team

Aller Petfood who produces food for Cats and Dogs, has successfully kept their growth even after the wordwide financial crisis and have decided to reinforce their marketing department by appointing Anne-Mette Agerbo Skouborg in the Danish office and Olga Vyshkova in the Russian office.

The reinforcement strengthens the service of private label costumers and the marketing of Aller Petfood’s own brands, Real, Wildlife, and All. All Cats and All Dogs are introduced in the Russian market just now.

The company made a big investment in ISO 22000 certification of the factory in Denmark back in 2007. The factory in St. Petersburg which produces wet pet food, is the only Russian pet food factory that has obtained an ISO 22000 certification.

Aller Petfood uses only GMO free ingredients in their pet food, and the factories sources their raw materials as close to the production facilities as possible. The family owned business, has for generations attached great importance to producing high quality food for animals. Today they focus only on cats and dogs, and producing the very best food for these animals.


  • People: Aller Petfood reinforce marketing team

    Anne-Mette Agerbo Skouborg


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