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News last update:14 Jan 2016

AB Vista shines a light on phytate analysis

Animal and feed producers can count on precise predictions of phytate levels in feed, thanks to AB Vista’s phytate analysis service.

Working in partnership with Aunir, the leading developer and supplier of software for near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy, this service enables AB Vista’s customers to have the phytate content of feed samples analysed. For even greater precision, Aunir has recently updated the equations that underpin this analysis with data from 3,000 samples.

NIR spectroscopy uses light waves to analyse nutritional, chemical and physical properties at a molecular level, including the presence of phytate. Found in many plant-based feedstuffs, the anti-nutritional effects of phytate cost animal producers up to $2 billion every year in lost performance. When excreted, it can also harm the environment – but can be eliminated from the diet by applying the enzyme phytase to feed.

AB Vista’s Research Director Mike Bedford said: “To keep NIR analysis as precise as possible, Aunir needs to continually update its calibrations: the baseline standards against which samples are predicted. Now, with an even more accurate picture of phytate content and overall nutritional make-up, AB Vista’s customers will be in a stronger position to maximise the potential of their feed and the use of phytase to reduce costs.” For more information on how phytate comprimises feed performance click here.


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