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News last update:14 Jan 2016

How to further optimise shrimp feed efficiency?

As part of Bayer Aquatic Health Conference on 13th and 14th March in Bangkok, a shrimp farming conference was hosted by Bayer Animal Health GmbH.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Peter Blyth from AQ1-Systems gave a presentation on automatic shrimp feeding systems. Blyth showed a number of experiments and the effects of the feeding efficiency of automatic shrimp feeding system (SF200) compared to hand feeding and semi automatic feeders, which were carried out at various shrimp farms in Asia, Pacific and the Middle East.

The presentations referred to feed conversion ratio, water temperature, feeding time and appetite of shrimp, wind direction, size and area of ponds among others. Blyth expects continuous development and improvement of automatic feeding in shrimp farming, while similar systems for salmon farming are already commercially used as the water at salmon farms is clear and measurable from a distance.

The unclear water for shrimp growing is a challenge and is high on the agenda, together with application of the automatic feeder for extensive farming, intensive farming and eventually biomass estimation.

Kaori Nishide

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