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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Skretting denies being liable for defect fish feed

Skretting, which is part of the Netherlands-based animal feed giant Nutreco, denied liabilty in £5.45 million damages claim brought by the Scottish Salmon Company.

On Dec. 28 2012, SSC initiated court proceedings against Trouw (UK), a UK division of Skretting within the Court of Session in Edinburgh in terms of which damages totalling £5.45 million ($8.23m) are claimed as a direct result of the supply of sub-standard feed to the company.

SSC uncovered a defect in the composition of the feed earlier in the year, which was quickly rectified, it said.

“Thereafter, the stock was subsequently closely monitored by the company, fish veterinarians and the feed supplier,” it said.

“However, the full impact of the sub-standard feed on the salmon affected could only be ascertained in Q4. Skeletal deformities caused poor growth, higher mortalities and subsequently challenges at the processing stage,” said SSC.

“The next generation of salmon due to be harvested in 2013, was provided with the correct standard feed and are displaying normal biological status and performing well,” said SSC.

These fish are from the cluster of farms in Loch Fyne and production efficiencies, involving transportation and processing in this region will also become evident through lower unit production costs, the company said.

Legal proceedings are ongoing, the company said, in its quarterly report, in which it reported a Q4 and annual loss.


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