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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Sonac introduces new natural products for aqua feed

Animal Nutrition company Sonac, part of Vion Food, is presenting several new products during VIV Asia, approved by the EU feed law.

The new products are produced using animal co-products and offer several advantages. For instance, MucoPro80 is a natural source for protein with abundant free amino acids, di-tri and tetra peptides. They also feature palatability and hypo-allergenic nature. Gert Mulderij, Sonac, said: “Product innovations like the latter answer to a pressing need for alternatives of nutrient sources to replace fishmeal and fish oil in aquafeed.”

MucoPro80 is a natural hydrolysed protein source from animal origin. Rich in free amino acids, di-tri and tetra peptides, the product is highly digestible. Compared to its predecessor, the product contains 50% less salt and is spray-dried. Since it is a predigested source of protein, it has many benefits in aqua feeds. The product reinforces the natural gut defense system and is a very palatable and hypo-allergenic source of protein. The product is one of the few animal proteins that can be used in aquatic feed mills, worldwide.

This product was developed as a result of increasing scarcity of conventional sources of cholesterol. This hydrolysed protein of animal origin is produced in accordance with all relevant EU regulations and is readily available from renewable natural sources. Naturally combining cholesterol and phospholipids, the products benefits from a synergetic effect between the two, as shown in trials on shrimp farms.

Gelko Powder
Gelko Powder is a new hydrolysed animal-based product that offering highly digestible proteins for fish and shrimp. It hosts a combination of important amino acids, making aqua feed attractive and palatable. Naturally present nucleotides, phospholipids and minerals increase its nutritional value.

The company can be found on booth in hall H106, Y021 at the section ‘Aquatic Asia’.


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