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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Soufflet group launches SSF product for ruminants

The Soufflet Group, headquartered in Champagne, France, is launching a new solid state fermentation product for ruminants at VIV Asia.

The product, called Bovimalt Plus, has been successfully tried in several applications for ruminants. The effects were shown both in milk and meat production, Thierry Berger, the company’s head of marketing and communication told AllAboutFeed.

Positive results include:
* 10% increase of average daily gain during eight months in beef cattle (Alsace, 2010)
* 3 % improvement of feed conversion rate for calves during five months (France, 2011)
* 3% increase of milk production during six weeks (France, 2010)
* 5% increase of milk production during 11 weeks (France, 2011)

In particular, a dairy cow trial made at French company Primex in 2011 on two groups of 15 cows was made during 13 weeks: two weeks of pre-trial, three weeks of transition, eight weeks of trial. The feed mostly contained corn silage. The product was added at 20 g/day in nitrogen supplement.

Milk production increased alot in comparison with the control group: 32.3 l/day vs 30.7 l/day. Feed-to-milk transformation ratio was also significantly improved.

Avimalt range expanded
The company’s Avimalt range is also expanded. The product, initially intended for poultry fed on wheat-soya rations, has been the subject of numerous animal feed trials, at various scales and on a number of species, on several of the world’s continents.

The new application Avimalt Plus is made from malted wheat and wheat bran naturally fermented by a micro-organism of the Aspergillus Niger family. The production process allows Avimalt Plus to contain various nutriments and a very broad enzymatic spectrum centred on non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes.

The products are produced by solid state fermentation at a Soufflet Group malt plant in France’s Champagne region.

The Soufflet Group can be found at the VIV Asia, Hall 105 F 040.


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