Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Product: Successful registration of Sangrovit in China

Having been originally developed in Germany as a feed additive for the improvement of health and performance of livestock animals, has now been granted registration in China.

For the first time a natural feed additive with a medicinal claim has been registered by the Chinese authorities. The Chinese agricultural administration has declared their goal to limit the application of chemical drugs and antibiotics only to disease treatment, not prevention.

Significantly engaged in this success are the companies Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH (Phytobiotics) and "Micolta Bio Resources“ (Micolta).  Micolta is a joint venture between Professor Gingko Zeng and the German company Phytobiotics.  "This registration, having been granted within the novel classification traditional Chinese veterinary feed additive for the first time ever, is an important step for us. As the first international company and with a registration cover of ten years we can realise the market potential of this highly interesting segment“, states Dr. Hermann Roth, General Manager Phytobiotics.

The product Mei You Zhuang, being now free for sale, possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and – according to the registered claim - is applied for prophylaxis and healing of intestinal diseases as well as for performance and quality improvement. It offers producers new possibilities to produce safe food and simultaneously reduce costs. Furthermore the application of antibiotics can be reduced through the usage of Mei You Zhuang. The effectiveness has been proven in extensive trials.

The joint venture Micolta produces the feed additive exclusively for sale in China on license from its partner Phytobiotics. In the process, the quality criteria of Phytobiotics are strictly maintained with regular inspections of the Chinese production facility by a quality management team from Germany and England.  Additionally, Micolta has been certified according to FAMI QS, US GLP and GMP.


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