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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Bangladesh stops antibiotic testing on poultry feed imports

The Bangladeshi government has agreed to amend the current policy which requires all imported poultry feed to be tested for melamine and antibiotics, following demands by poultry farmers.

The current policy order requires the contents of imported poultry feed to be described on the cover packaging. It must not contain melamine and antibiotics, including Chloramphenicol and Nitrofuran. A clearance certificate from the exporting country saying it does not contain any “genetically modified organism” is mandatory.

However, poultry farmers maintain that the testing not only takes too much time it also adds expense, hammering the import process. They claimed the unnecessary delays and expense could lead to increases in poultry feed prices, which in turn could affect the price of eggs and chicken.

In a meeting at the weekend,chaired by the Finance Minister AMA Muhith, the amendment was agreed. The fisheries and livestock ministry also gave their consent to withdraw compulsory testing for poultry feed.

The amendment is effective immediately


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