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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Invention removes temptation from hungry pets

Two female students in Saudi have invented an animal feeding device that can provide food and drink automatically at regular intervals.

Ajyad Al-Jawad and Yomna Nasrallah invented the device, called ‘Our pets won’t die in our absence’, for entry into the National Olympiad for Science Innovation (creativity), which was recently held in Damman.

The device works by alerting the animal with a buzzer and red flashes that it is meal time. It can handle a food and drink capacity for three months.

The girls were motivated by the death of Ajyad’s pet cat who died while she was abroad because the maid forgot to feed her

Hamed Bulbul, a factory owner in Dammam, has sponsored the manufacture of the device, pointing out that it will benefit a large number of families that breed pets but face problems feeding them while traveling or staying away from home.


Source: Arab News


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