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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Feedlogic debuts FeedPulse data reporting system

Feedlogic Corporation, supplier of intelligent solutions for livestock production, has introduced the FeedPulse data reporting system to allow barn managers to monitor feed usage on a local terminal.

The FeedPulse system synchronizes data from Feedlogic’s FeedMeter feed monitoring system with any controller or terminal that can receive a pulse signal. As feed passes through a feed line, the FeedPulse module sends pulse signals to a local controller where feed usage data can be aggregated and reported.

Up to eight FeedMeters can be monitored simultaneously with one FeedPulse module, and the module can be connected to multiple controllers. This gives users flexibility in connectivity based on the size of the building and the number of feed lines being monitored.

The FeedPulse gives instant access to feed usage data on site, particularly where limit feeding is occurring and it is important to know how much feed has passed through a line over a specific period of time. Users also have the option to send feed usage data to Feedlogic’s MyFarm web services through an Internet connection to the site.


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