Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

DSM buys Bayer’s Philippine premix business for feed mills

DSM Nutritional Products, Philippines, has purchased Bayer Philippines, industrial custom premix for feed millers business of Bayer in the Philippines.

Both companies have emphasised that current Bayer Animal Health industrial feed premix customers in the Philippines will continue to be supplied in future without interruption from a newly built state-of-the-art facility, inaugurated by DSM in March 2013.

Bayer Animal Health will continue to supply specialised feed additives and its branded products while increasing its focus on the core business of Farm & Companion Animals Pharmaceuticals. DSM will keep its focus on quality, reliability, traceability and sustainability.

In this manner, both DSM Nutritional Products, Philippines, and Bayer Animal Health, Philippines, will further develop their expertise in their respective key fields of competence, resulting in an even better support of the Philippines’ livestock industries overall.


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