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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Orffa: 1st European Ruminant Trace Mineral Workshop

Orffa and Micronutrients organised the 1st European Ruminant Trace Mineral Workshop Tour across 5 countries (Denmark, U.K., France, Spain, and Italy) within 5 days, it began on the 24th of June and ended on the 28th. Through good participation and reviews, another workshop is on the horizon.

Goal of this first workshop was to provide detailed technical information on the importance and solutions for an optimal trace mineral supply in ruminants to a small audience to get a superior discussion on the specific problems and difficulties with leading ruminant nutritionists in Europe. To present the correct basis for such a workshop the organisers invited Dr. Jerry Spears, Professor emeritus of the Department of Animal Science of the North Carolina State University (US), one of the leading scientific experts in trace mineral nutrition of ruminants with around 40 years research experience.

In total 43 specialists participated in the workshop sessions.

Dr. Spears gave an insight view on the trace mineral history and the development of the various types of trace minerals such as inorganic, organic and the new registered hydroxy trace elements (IntelliBond). After which numerous scientific trial results were presented confirming the similar mode of actions and highlighting in contrast to inorganic sulphates the outperforming and comparable effects of high quality chelates and hydroxy trace elements. Within the discussion the evaluation of the bioavailability of various trace element sources including native values of raw materials played a major part of the workshop. Besides this, questions on the handling of high values of ´so called antagonists´ such as sulphur, molybdenum, and iron in practical ruminant diets built the platform for a very intensive knowledge exchange, too.

This 1st European Workshop Tour turned out as a big success. The first feedback from the attendees confirmed that they got helpful answers for practice. They also appreciated the big effort the organiser took to arrange this specific and important trace element workshop. Last but not least it was agreed that IntelliBond  the new generation of trace elements, provides the best guarantee for an optimised trace mineral supply at an acceptable cost price. Based on these experiences and positive reviews,  the organisers are going to repeat this workshop in September 2013.

More information: info@orffa.com or visit the website www.orffa.com

Sunita Sahota

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