Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Pancosma 65 yrs in animal nutrition looking to double yield

The Swiss feed additives manufacturer, Pancosma SA, recently celebrated its 65 years of experience in the field of animal nutrition and is looking to doubling turnover by 2020.

Last figures shows that Pancosma is currently reaching a turnover of €55 million and its 7 ranges of additives are integrated in more than 60 millions of tons of feed worldwide. According to the company they have an average growth rate of 8% each year.

The sales objectives of the company are realized for 40%, by 43 selected distributors all around the world.

To celebrate its 65 years the company invited its entire distribution network to the city of Gstaad, in Switzerland. The group invited external speakers such as: Prof Steve Leeson (Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Canada), Prof. Jerry Spears (Professor at North Carolina State University), Prof. Sergio Calsamiglia (University of Barcelona, Spain) and Prof. James Pettigrew (University of Illinois (USA).


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