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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Cargill expands on feed formula for senior horses

Cargill announced recentely introduced a new veterinarian-recommended Nutrena SafeChoice Senior horse feed formulated to help improve senior horse nutrition.

The new product will be available from 26thAugust with participating dealers nationwide. SafeChoice Senior is an added-fat, controlled starch, complete feed formula, ideal for senior horses and their unique needs. It is designed for horses over 15, specifically those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, decline in energy, difficulty maintaining muscle mass, dull hair coat or having difficulty chewing hay. It contains amino acid fortification and higher-fat levels to help maintain energy and manage unwanted weight loss. The controlled starch and sugar design is effective for horses with equine metabolic sensitivities. SafeChoice Senior boasts balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid levels to help keep inflammation in balance and is enriched with essential amino acids to support muscle maintenance.

SafeChoice Senior includes the exclusive Nutri-Bloom Advantage, which is research supported to improve fiber digestion by up to 15%  through support of the digestive tract. Studies show that the Nutri-Bloom Advantage promotes bloom and improved overall health.

SafeChoice Senior was developed at the Cargill Innovation campus in Elk River, Minneapolis  and through strategic partnerships with several universities and horse owners.

The Cargill staff includes more than 90 Ph.D. –level scientists who perform research in two innovation centers and 14 application centers, and in participation with universities and other partners across the nation.

SafeChoice Senior will be the premium pelleted line offered exclusively to consumers. It will join the family of feeds including SafeChoice Original, SafeChoice Perform, SafeChoice Special Care, SafeChoice Mare & Foal and SafeChoice Maintenance.

Consumers can visit www.SafeChoiceFeed.com to register for a voucher for a buy one get one free bag of SafeChoice Senior. The offer is valid until 31st October.


  • Cargill expands on feed formula for senior horses


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