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News last update:14 Jan 2016

EW Nutrition strengthens its product portfolio

EW Nutrition strengthens its ruminant product portfolio with the new product Prote-N. With their leading know-how in encapsulation and coating technology, EW Nutrition and Grasp succeeded in putting coated urea in the global market.

The resulting slow release product leads to a more effective utilization of nitrogen by the ruminal microbes. Scopes of application are ruminants of high production (milk, meat). The high concentration of nitrogen makes the formulation of the feed more efficient and gives more room for higher amounts of energy and/or fibre.


  • savings in formulation and logistics
  • a tool against price fluctuations on the protein market
  • higher security due to an effective coating
  • constant ruminal ammonia levels during the whole day

The responsible Product Manager for Prote-N, Marcos Milani Truccolo focused his scientific career on ruminant nutrition. He joined EW Nutrition in October 2012. Daniel Tepe, Head of Product Management Feed Additives: “Marcos will strengthen our team with his specific knowledge in ruminant nutrition.” Marcos Milani Truccolo:” Feeding urea to ruminants always has been an interesting idea, but with the special technology of coating it is possible to use this concept in a more effective way.”


  • EW Nutrition strengthens its product portfolio

    Marcos Milani Truccolo, Product Manager for Prote-N.


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