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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Trials show spey syrup can reduce ration costs

Dairy producers could cut feed costs by up to 40p (€0.47) a cow a day by including the distillery co-product spey syrup in cow rations, research shows.

Under trials carried out by the Scottish Rural Agricultural College early lactation Holstein-Friesians were fed up to 7.5kg of syrup a day as a replacement of 2.0kg a day of hi-pro soya bean meal and rape meal inclusion was reduced from 2kg to just 0.25kg a day.

Results show the ration changes had no impact on loss of performance and substantial ration savings were also made.

"No significant differences were recorded in milk yield, butterfat or milk protein percentage and yields were maintained at 31kg a cow a day, and even at the full 7.5kg a cow a day of spey syrup the ration was still within the ideal 40-45% dry matter range," explains Dr Michael Marsden, Trident nutrition manager.

Rations were based on a silage mix of grass-silage and wholecrop cereal.

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Rhian Price

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