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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Sonac’s new functional protein stimulates feed intake

Sonac’s launched its MucoPro 80P: an improved, easily absorbed functional protein from natural origin, at the recent Space exhibition in Rennes, France.

Sonac, part of Vion Ingredients, is the processor of raw materials from animal origin into highly valuable products as functional proteins, minerals, and fats. The launch of MucoPro 80P is in line with their continuous endeavor to add maximum value to animal by-products that are released during the meat processing process.

MucoPro 80P is a mucosal protein from porcine origin which is the result of hydrolysis. In consequence, the consumption of the protein hydrolysate allows for a maximum nutrimental value because the amino acids are digested more rapidly than other proteins. That is, the concentration in free amino acids plus di-and tri- peptides – fractions makes the mucosal protein hydrolysate easily absorbable for young animals and fish. Therefore, MucoPro 80P offers a simple method to stimulate the feed intake of young animals.

Not only does the functional protein strengthen the gut defence system, mucosal cells and the intestinal immune system are furthermore recognised to protect young animals against viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. What is more, it is one of the rare animal proteins which are allowed by European Feed Law to be applied in all animal feed. This facilitates the production of animal feed greatly.

Gert Mulderij
, Sales and Marketing Director of Vion Ingredients, is very enthusiastic about the new natural protein: “The MucoPro 80P is beneficial for various parties and on different levels. It is a valuable addition to the animal production industry as helps improve the health and well-being of young animal species. Furthermore, as the functional protein is allowed to be used in all feed mills, without restrictions concerning ruminant and non-ruminant lines, it simplifies and speeds up processes in the animal feed industry. ”


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