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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia: Large aquaculture farm to be put up for sale

The Russian Sea Company is seeking a buyer for their trout farm, according to the report of the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", with reference to the representatives of the company.

It is assumed that the company may put up for sale either the whole aquaculture division or the trout farm "Segozerskoye" located in the Republic of Karelia only.

In case the company decides to sell only the trout farm the price will be about RUB 500-700 million (US$ 11.9 – 16.6 million), according to the representatives of the company.

The reason to put the asset up for sale is that the trout business of "Russian Sea" is more difficult than the cultivation of Atlantic salmon. The farm uses domestic equipment and a high proportion of manual labour.

The company's farm for cultivation of the Atlantic salmon in Murmansk Oblast in the Barents Sea is modern and automated, built on the Norwegian technology, says the report.

Besides, negative price conjuncture in the country's market, as the price of Norwegian Atlantic salmon and Murmansk is about the same, but the Karelian trout are sold at a significant discount compared to the Norwegian.

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