Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Innovative solutions for the nutrition of fish and shrimp

The R&D department at Dr Eckel has collaborated with renowned research institutions over the last two years, particularly in the area of aquaculture. What is particularly encouraging are results from the well esteemed Kasetsart university in Thailand.

A series of trials with the Anta Phyt and Anta Ox concepts on pacific white shrimp, showed significant effects on the immune system and performance of both could be proven. Those animals fed with Anta Phyt showed a significantly higher survival rate than the control groups and had better immune defences, as shown by an increased phagocytosis activity.

Further tests showing improved performance with AntaOx. During the 60 day trial the animals grew faster and gained more weight than those of the control group. To develop sustainable concepts for the fast growing aquaculture market Dr Eckel is supported by the federal ministry of economics and energy. With this support Dr Eckel was able to install a highly specialised aquarium trail unit for controlled feeding experiments at the company's headquarters in Niederzissen.


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