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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Aquaculture cooperation for Olmix and Kasetsart Uni

Olmix, supplier of natural feed additives from France, is approaching Kasetsart University in Thailand to propose a collaborative study on growth and performance of tilapia fed diets containing a clay and seaweed based feed additive designed to optimise efficacy of enzymes in the intestine.

The trial is aimed at evaluating the efficacy of the additive* in improving the growth performance of the fish. In doing so, the researcher will compare the performance of two groups of tilapia: one fed with standard diet commonly used in Thailand and the other fed with the diet containing low quality raw materials plus the additive.

"Based on the results of previous trials, the additive has been proven to improve the growth performance of the fish fed cheaper, low quality raw materials to the same level as those fed with more expensive, high quality raw materials. This results in a greater cost saving, and reducing of wastes released into the environment as most of the nutrients in feed is completely digested," said Jean Peignon," Olmix's Aquaculture Support Manager Asia.

Starting in March 2015, the trial will be designed by Dr Orapint Jintasataporn of the Department of Aquaculture at Kasetsart University's Faculty of Fisheries. The trial will be conducted at the department's facility in the campus. The additive is developed by Olmix's new technology that associate particles of clay with different seaweed extracts and as a result, it acts as a matrix for enzymatic reactions to occur. It is the meeting point of enzymes and feed in the intestine. Moreover, it also provides many diverse metallic ions, which are sometimes absent in the feed. These metallic ions are required cofactors for activation of the enzymes. By optimizing the efficacy of enzymes in the intestine, the additive allows a better use of the feed. In the field, this improvement is converted into better growth performance and a decreased feed conversion ratio.

* Mfeed+


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