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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Efficacy of Gustor BP70 in aquaculture

Spanish animal nutrition company Norel conducted a trial in a shrimp farm to determine the efficacy of Gustor BP70, results showed that is positively boosted performance and health status.

Aquaculture is the world´s fastest food production system. Data from World Bank's Global Program on Fisheries and Aquaculture reveals that aquaculture must grow 75 to 85% by 2030 to supply the world's increasing demand for seafood (Anderson, 2011).

In order to achieve such development, nowadays, aquaculture is facing a number of challenges. Nutritionists must focus not only on nutritional specifications but also on promoting digestive health. Several publications have addressed the effects of short change fatty acids (SCFA) and their salts on the health and performance of farm animals. These SCFA are commonly known by their specific antimicrobial activity, however the effects of SCFA go beyond modification of gut microflora, and other benefits such as improved digestive enzyme activity, increased pancreatic secretion, enhanced development of intestinal epithelium and intestinal barrier integrity, or anti-inflammatory properties, have been described and attributed to likely causes of enhanced performance, particularly when supplementing butyric acid in its sodium salt form.

In a recent trial conducted in a commercial shrimp farm in Honduras, Central America, Gustor BP70 (protected sodium butyrate) was tested to determine the effect of the additive in performance parameters. The initial density was around 31 shrimp/m2. Ponds supplemented with BP70 finalised the fattening period with a 35% more shrimp, the final yield (kg/ha) in those ponds was 26% higher. FCR was also influenced by the addition of BP70 being 2,033 in the control ponds and 1,590 in the BP70 supplemented group. Gustor BP70 positively influenced animals' performance and in addition their health status was boosted as the higher survival rate reflects. The combination of those parameter resulted in better economic results.

Source: Norel


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