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News last update:14 Jan 2016

EHL Ingredients launches new horse feed range

EHL Ingredients, a leading importer, blender and packer of natural and organic ingredients from around the world, is entering the animal feed sector with the launch of a ten-strong range of garlic, mint and mixed herbs products for the equine market, including a premium organic range of ingredients for racing horses and thoroughbreds.

Available now via wholesalers and distributors, the quality products are sold in bulk quantities and are aimed at animal feed and supplement manufacturers, processors and packers. They can be used alone or added to horse feed mixes to create bespoke formulations.

EHL offers ingredients suitable for equine feed, from the finest garlic granules and powder to dried peppermint, spearmint and mixed herb blends for horse feed mixes, available in standard or organic varieties.

Garlic has long been used to support a healthy respiratory system in horses, to aid the digestive system and acts as a natural insect repellent. The component responsible for many of garlic's properties is allicin, which is a useful source of organic sulphur, however garlic also contains key vitamins and minerals, which have powerful antioxidant properties to support a horse's overall health and wellbeing.

Mint is a soothing herb and a great digestive tonic. It the perfect addition to commercial horse feeds to enhance the flavour, making it more palatable for the horse.

EHL Ingredients has been sourcing natural and organic ingredients from around the world for over 18 years and this is the company's first move into the animal feed sector. It is using its expert sourcing and distribution capabilities to obtain and supply the finest, highest quality natural and organic ingredients for animal feed products.

Tasneem Backhouse, sales director at EHL Ingredients says: "It's an exciting time for EHL Ingredients as we expand our portfolio and offer our natural ingredients to the animal feed sector. We have launched the products in response to customer demand as we received several requests for ingredients for horses. As a result, we have developed a specific range for horse feed manufacturers, using only the finest high quality garlic. It is available in organic format too, as we have experienced demand from racehorse owners for premium, organic varieties. The garlic crop harvest for 2013 has increased by about 30% on the previous year so we have a fantastic supply of quality garlic products."

To find out more about EHL Ingredients, visit www.ehl-ingredients.co.uk.


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