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News last update:14 Jan 2016

New reference book about methionine

Adisseo has published Methiopedia, a complete reference guide to three forms of methionine, used in animal diets.

The company's experts have compiled information on methionine from around the world, including the latest developments, from fundamental research to in-vivo trials performed both in independent experimental facilities and on commercial farms.

The book offers a complete description of the three forms of methionine – L-methionine (L-Met), D,L-methionine (D,L-Met) and D,L-methionine hydroxy (D,L-HMTBA) – with their characteristics and properties. It also  provides a review of important animal performances (feed conversion, body weight gain...) with practical diets including D,L-Methionine or D,L-HMTBA, especially for broilers.

Many technical results of recent trials carried out by Adisseo are provided in the book's appendix, which also contains a selection of relevant abstracts or articles on methionine presented at the latest Adisseo Advancia Seminars.

The book is intended for nutritionists, purchasers, formulators and technical managers within the premix and feed industries, as well as students, who want to enhance their knowledge of methionine and its use. Adisseo customers can get a copy of this book by contacting their local sales representative. It can also be purchased here online.

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