Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Acids and nutrients market worth $14.1 by 2019

According to a recently published report from MarketsandMarkets, the market for feed acids & nutrients is estimated to reach US14.1 Billion by 2019.

The report states that feed acids and nutrients is an emerging sector owing to the growing animal feed market and awareness of feed manufacturers. In current scenario, the animal feed manufacturers are gaining awareness towards providing nutritional feed to the animals. The materialising opportunities in the milk and meat sector is encouraging the animal feed manufacturers to come up with nutritional feed for animals that can provide them health benefits and prevent various diseases.

Amino Acids: Most Used Type of Nutrient
Amino acid is a reasonably-priced and an essential nutrient used in animal feed as it provides animals with energy and increases their efficiency. The consumption of amino acids has been increasing globally; however, the region of Asia-Pacific and South America consumes a major ratio of amino acids.

Aqua Feed: Major Growing Application Market
Aqua feed is a small and untapped market. Therefore, with the growing awareness of manufacturers regarding the opportunities present in the animal feed market, the small markets such as aqua and equine are being tapped.

Asia-Pacific: Emerging Market for Feed Acids & Nutrients
The growing population and increase in the consumption of milk, meat, and meat products is a major driver behind the growth of the Feed Acids & Nutrients Market in Asia-Pacific.


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