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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russian feed market facing shortage of methionine

Russian feed producers are experiencing an unprecedented shortage of methionine which has already resulted in a jump in prices for such products and increase in the final price of compound feed products on the market, says a report from the Russian media site Soya News.

According to the Director of Development of "Vitagarant" Andrew Kuzovschikova, over the past three weeks, the price of methionine on the Russian market has risen by about 25%. The general director of the company for the production of premixes "Vitasol" Sergei Kuznetsovtozhe also confirmed the shortage of the product and the price increases.

As it turned out, the reason for the deficit was a change in policy from Evonik Industries which is the largest supplier of methionine to the Russian market. In the anticipation of launching its new factory in Singapore, the company redistributed large volumes of methionine to that area, methionine in Europe is only being supplied to contracted customers. This situation has been explained by the representative of only one Russian producer of methionine Volga Orgsintez, Andrew Freiman.

According to him, Volga Orgsintez was not ready for the sudden hike in demand for methionine, because usually by the summer there is a decline in sales. "When the deficit manifested, we started receiving calls from people who worked with with  Evonik, with the request to supply this amino acid to them"  says Mr. Freiman. "But we already distributed all our supplies to our customers, to which we have a commitment, and we are in any case not going to deviate from this course."

Experts say that in coming weeks the price of methionine will continue rising and Russia has no chance to find the alternative supplier, so the final price of compound feed production will grow as well.

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