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News last update:14 Jan 2016

New product to target bladder stone problems in minks

The Danish company Vitfoss introduces a new product to lower the pH value in feed and to prevent bladder stone problems in minks.

Many mink farmers have encountered the problem of death due to bladder stone formation - the deaths occur mainly among well-grown males. Bladder stones occur, when the urinary formation holds a pH value exceeding 6.4.

The production of bladder stones has its background in the composition of feed as well as in fluid balance and genetics. If the feed has a high pH value, the result is formation of stones. Adding more protein and grain products to the feed will result in a higher pH value. Animal protein results in a lower pH value. Some mink are genetically predisposed to form stones, and therefore the problem is occurring with certain farms year after year – it is therefore a good idea to initiate preventive measures

Lowering the pH of the feed can be achieved by adding ammonium chloride. Vitfoss therefore developed the liquid product - Succes Ammonium Chloride. The taste is neutral and the product is easy to stir. It is recommended to use 5 litres per ton of feed.

The product is available in both 15 litres containers and pallet tanks containing 500 or 1000 litres.

Sunita Sahota

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