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Background last update:14 Jan 2016

New equine feed supplement hits the US market

Southern States Cooperative in the US has recently released a new horse feed supplement that has been shown to significantly reduce severity of gastric ulcer lesions in horses.

Currently, the only FDA-approved drug for gastric ulcers costs $30-$40 (€25.77-€34.66) daily. In order to improve the digestive health of horses that have ulcers, Southern States Cooperative in conjunction with Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) has developed Legends GastroTech Supplement.

The proprietary blend of ingredients is formulated to support healthy digestive tract function in show and performance horses, and is designed to be mixed or top-dressed with a grain ration on a twice-daily feeding programme. The concentrated formula allows for a low daily feeding rate; it has a recommended feeding rate of ½ pound (226 g) twice per day for horses weighing 1,000 to 1,200 pounds (453.59 kg to 544.31 kg) and a daily cost of about 75 cents (€0.64). "It's a breakthrough for reducing and preventing gastric ulcer issues in performance horses," says Southern States equine nutritionist, Dr Marty Adams.

Legends feeds are fortified with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), an international and industry-renowned equine nutrition company that serves both the horse producer and feed industry.

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