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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Miratorg increases feed production

Russian agricultural giant Miratorg reports that is has increased its production of feed by 10% in the first nine months of 2015 compared with the same period last year. The company is in the process of developing its feed division as part of a bigger strategy meant to increase the production of poultry, pork and beef.

Today, the holding includes three feed plants in the Belgorod region and one plant in the Bryansk region. These plants put out a total of over 0.5 million tons of feed, enough to cover the needs of Miratorg.

The company's first feed mill, located in the Ivnyanskom region, was launched in 2007, the fourth - in the Bryansk region - was put into operation in 2014.

Miratorg's feed division is a high-tech, ISO certified enterprise. The plants are equipped with the latest equipment and are fully automatised.

In November the company plans to complete the expansion of the Ivnyansky feed factory, which will substantially increase production figures at the Belgorod division.

"Feed is an essential element in the creation of high-quality meat", said Andrei Polyakov, head of Miratorg's feed division. "Feed makes up for about 70% of the production costs of meat. It must be well-balanced, contain all necessary vitamins and minerals and, most importantly, be absolutely safe."

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