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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Anitox highlight importance of pathogen-free turkey feed

Anitox Chief Science Officer, Dr Kurt Richardson, will be highlighting the impact of feed-source pathogens in turkeys at clinical and sub-clinical levels, at the 2015 Turkey Science and Production Conference, exploring the threat some bacteria present to gut health and performance.

His focus on control of feed source pathogens comes at a critical time for the turkey industry; from July formaldehyde-based feed pathogen control treatments will be withdrawn from use in turkey feed for the foreseeable future.

Compelling data

"Much of the data we'll be reviewing has been compiled during the development of Anitox's new pathogen control solution for turkey feed. Finio is the first non-formaldehyde proven to offer control of a broad range of pathogens from mill to feeder.

"The data is compelling; feeding rations free from pathogens at the point of consumption is critical to flock productivity and health. Controlling pathogens in turkey feed can cut total flock mortality by 1%".

The Turkey Science and Production Conference will be held in Cheshire, UK 11-13th March 2015
Source: Anitox


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