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Study: Egg yolk formulation effective against PEDv

The orally administered formulation* is made from all-natural, whole-egg specialised proteins that contain zero live virus. This preventive treatment is intended for newborn pigs within the first 12 hours following birth. University researcher have proven the efficacy of this formulation.

For the mitigation of PEDv and its devastating effects, this new, unique product provides producers and their veterinarians with a new strategy for PEDv prevention in newborn pigs. The product is shown in both university research and field studies to stop the shedding of PEDv RNA.

Successful formulation for preventing PEDv

In university research and field demonstrations, The formulation* was the only product shown to eliminate PEDv RNA by day-28, post-inoculation. Because it contains no live virus, pigs within the herd cannot be contaminated. Additionally, the product* has no withdrawal period because it is free of antibiotics and growth hormones. And it does not interfere with the pig's own active immunity to PEDv. "We're very pleased with the results of the study conducted by Iowa State University," says Ron Schmidt, owner or Provanco Feeds. "The results confirm what field trials have shown us."

Producers and veterinarians alike need solutions that provide a high-value to cost ratio per dose, are easily administered and deliver results. The chicken egg yolk immunogammaglobulin (IgG) developed by Provanco Feeds and provided in the formulation* has been demonstrated to be economical, convenient and effective.

*Farrow X1™


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