Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Adifo: New combined model for nutritionists

The “FaaS: One Tool - MultiModel – MultiSpecies” ration calculation is a new tool, which not only makes it possible to calculate rations according to the familiar standard models for cattle (such as CNCPS, NRC, Feed into Milk, etc.), but also to set up a fully independent model.

This innovative tool enables the making of your own ration, based on either market standards (like CNCPS, NRC, Feed into Milk, etc.) or on your own model. You can easily switch between different models for each client or project. The model is optimised to create and manage rations for different species, keeping in mind the specific requirements and life cycles.

This new tool offers the advantage that each company can set up its own optimal animal model for different species in a central database and can share this knowledge via the cloud with customers, vendors and with the formulation division of the feed mill. Feed formulation and ration calculation are thus made available in a single tool.

At the upcoming Victam, Adifo can be found on booth B052.

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