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Adifo wins FIAAP/AllAboutFeed award

Belgium company Adifo has won the FIAAP/AllAboutFeed award. This prestigious award was granted at the VICTAM International, currently held in Cologne, Germany.

The award was given to Adifo's new concept: One tool - MultiModel - MultiSpecies. With this tool it is possible to calculate rations according to the familiar standard models for cattle, but also to set up a fully independent model. In addition, it can also be used to develop/optimise feeds for pigs and poultry. This offers the advantage that each company can set up its own optimal animal model for different species in a central database and hence share this knowledge via the cloud with customers, vendors and with the formulation division of the feed mill.

The "FaaS: One Tool - MultiModel – MultiSpecies" ration calculation is a new tool.

"Feed formulation becomes savvier and good software tools to help nutritionists optimise the diets are pivotal. The tool from Adifo does exactly that. Also storing and sharing the data in the cloud becomes more common. It was therefore granted with our award," explains Emmy Koeleman, editor AllAboutFeed.

The Victam will be held until June 11.


  • F.L. FRANCOIS Catellier

    Congratulations on being recognized for developing a smart formulation tool for our Canadian customers.

    François Catellier
    National Sales Director - Matissoft, Bestmix
    Matiss Feed & Grain

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