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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Feed additive to raise milk production in India and China

As Asia’s dairy industry grows rapidly and consumption increases, Cargill’s feed additive Amaferm is available in China and India to help dairy farmers increase milk production.

As Asia's dairy industry grows rapidly and consumption increases, Cargill's feed additive Amaferm is available in China and India to help dairy farmers increase milk production. With data from more than 100 research studies, Amaferm has shown to increase milk production, digestibility and feed efficiency in ruminants, says Cargill.

'Amaferm acts as a prebiotic'

Amaferm is derived from the proprietary fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae, a fungus commonly used in the production of many Asian foods including soy sauce, miso and sake. "In ruminants, Amaferm helps stimulate the growth of fungi and bacteria that occur in the rumen, providing ample nutrients for the animal's development," said Maxime Hilbert, Cargill's technology leader for additives. "Ultimately, Amaferm acts as a prebiotic, delivering more microbial protein and energy to the animal through increased digestibility."

Increase in milk production by 4 percent

To assess Amaferm in China and India, trials were performed in Hangzhou, China and District Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India in 2013. In China, an eight week trial with mid-lactation dairy cows at Zhejiang University showed an increase in milk production by 4 percent as well as a 5 percent improvement in digestibility of dry matter. In India, a four week on-farm trial with early lactation buffalo revealed a statistical improvement of 4.7 percent milk fat over the control group due to better fiber digestion which lead to higher acetate and butyrate volatile fatty acid production, the main precursor of milk fat. Along with increased milk production, trials using Amaferm have demonstrated improved weight recovery after calving by 22 percent as well as an ability to decrease ketosis risk.

Improvement in fiber digestibility

Further, a German feed producer currently using Amaferm as part of its on-farm mineral Rupromin Fiber, a product from Cargill's Provimi brand designed to stimulate rumen fungi, discovered a significant improvement in fiber digestibility and a 5 percent increase in milk production on its farms. "We believe we can deliver similar results to customers in India and China, two countries where dairy consumption and production are soaring," said Hilbert.

Beyond the trials in China and India, key findings from more than 100 Amaferm research studies include:

  • Increased Average Daily Gain (ADG) for beef cattle up to 7 percent
  • Increased milk production up to 7 percent for dairy cattle
  • Increased feed efficiency up to 5 percent for all ruminants
  • Increased digestibility up to 9 percent for all ruminants


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