Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia to increase production of feed amino acids

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture intends to actively develop the domestic biotechnological industry within the coming years in order to increase production of high-protein feed and amino acids, reported SoyaNews with reference to the representatives of the Ministry.

Banning synthetic amino acids

"Last year members of the Ministry of Industry discussed the possibility of banning the import of synthetic amino acids (for feed industry) into Russia", said the head of food resources department and animal breeding of Ministry of Agriculture Vladimir Dudnikov.

"Most of the (imported) amino acids are produced using GMOs. And no one yet really knows how it affects (the health of the animals and consumers)".

Russia meeting amino acid demand through import

According to Vladimir Dudnikov, currently, Russia's need in these feed amino acids is estimated at least at 60,000 tonnes per year, and almost 100% of this demand is meeting with import from abroad - mainly from Asia.

According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Andrei Volkov, all projects in the area of producing feed amino acids and vitamins in the coming years should receive subsidies on loans and state support in other forms, as it will support the domestic livestock industry.

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