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Philippines approves additive for NE treatment

The Philippines Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry recently approved a non-antibiotic gut health solution as a treatment for necrotic enteritis (NE) in poultry and as a tool to improve gut health.

The product* has been categorised as a performance enhancer that impacts feed efficiency, weight gain and lesion scores. Results from multiple research studies showed that the product consistently reduced the effects of bacteria-associated enteric disease, which has been estimated to cost the global poultry industry close to US$6 billion annually.

Lowers Clostridium perfringens-induced necrotic enteritis lesion scores

"In addition to achieving growth performance equivalent to commercial AGPs, this product has been shown to lower Clostridium perfringens-induced necrotic enteritis lesion scores, improve feed conversion, reduce mortality and support weight gain," said Dr Ron Cravens, President, Amlan International, producer of the product. "In clinical trials, it provided a ROI of 3:1 or higher."

Move to no antibiotics in poultry production

Interest in AGP alternatives that address bird intestinal health while enhancing performance is growing in light of the expanding global shift toward no antibiotics at all in poultry production. In clinical studies, Varium promoted broiler growth equivalent to AGPs by reducing the level of pathogens and harmful biotoxins that damage the intestinal lining, stimulating early immune function, and strengthening the intestinal barrier function.



  • abdelfattah Mohamed Ali

    on my knowledge, all products of this company depend on Bentonite as main components, I wonder that it is amazing enough to do all feed additive categories functions including gut enhancer, mycotoxin binder, increase wt gain, enhance FCR, in addition to technical function as binder, anticacking and coagulants, we need more detail about the mechanism through which it produces each function

  • Kevin Hayes

    Thank you for the comments.  With all of the propaganda in the market regarding the benefits of clay we can understand why there might be confusion.  Calcium bentonite is a very versatile product that can do many things when properly prepared, managed, and researched.  Varium is a unique product; and while we don’t disclose our formulation, it is a complex blend of unique ingredients that we have found can provide exceptional results when given with and without antibiotics. Our trials speak for themselves regarding improvements in FCR, BWG, mortality and lesion scores: you can find the trial at VariumGrowthPromotion.com.

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