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Kemin launches new bio-surfactant

Kemin has launched a bio-surfactant, which revolutionises the application process by directly dosing the bio-surfactant into the oil and fat application line.

The product* is a naturally derived liquid bio-surfactant that is added directly into the oil or fat line during feed production. Mixing the bio-surfactant with the oil and fats early enhances its efficacy and helps standardise the energy value of the oil and hence improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed.

"Traditionally bio-surfactants are added as a dry product to the mixer with other feed raw materials. Their benefits to improve various steps in lipid digestion, such as emulsification, hydrolysis and nutrient absorption are well known. Consequently, the addition of a bio-surfactant leads to a better utilisation of the energy from feed raw materials, resulting in improved feed conversion ratios, lower production costs and improved profitability," explained Dr Monika Bieber, Lead Global Platform Manager.

The product has been launched in Europe, Middle East, India and in a number of markets in Asia. The product will launch in additional countries upon registration.



  • Cindy Rendy

    Food additives are non-nutritive substances added into foods to improve the appearance, flavor, organization structure or storage property according to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Joint Food Rules Committee. Food additives can be classified into dozens of categories, including thousands of types. Common food additives include acidity regulator, antagonist, defoaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, leavening agent, colorant, color fixative, zymin, flavor enhancer, nutrition enhancer, preservative, sweetening agent, thickening agent, spice, etc. (Source: <>)

  • Pandora Cong Cong

    Traditionally bio-surfactants are added as a dry product to the mixer with other feed raw materials. (source:<>)

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  • Jessica naquin

    Marvelous offer decent to peruse this extremely supportive data for me I am exceptionally cheerful to part of this network continue sharing you may likewise like this Customarily bio-surfactants are added as a dry item to the blender with other feed crude materials. (source:<>)

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