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Trouw Nutrition’s improves milk replacer product

Trouw Nutrition has updated its milk replacer product with health-supporting benefits, developed using the latest insights from scientific research.

The Dutch company has also added practical tools and information to this product for dairy calves to help dairy farmers with the efficient rearing of strong healthy calves and manage their herd for lifetime performance.

The new fortified formula is packed with ingredients that support healthy calf rearing in 4 ways.

1. It helps improve nutrient digestion

2. Optimise gut pH

3. Strengthen immunity

4. Maintain gut integrity.

The product is based on either a highly soluble milk-based concentrate or on a concentrate that uses whey proteins to improve solubility and stability. This helps increase feed efficiency and absorption.

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It now also contains probiotics, prebiotics and short-chain fatty acids to strengthen the gut wall and the bacteria balance in the gut. This encourages a higher daily weight gain, having healthy animals and helps prevent weaning dips. It is enriched with organic acids and salts to optimise pH functionality throughout the digestive tract for better utilisation of protein.

Source: Trouw Nutrition

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