Feed additives


Palital doubles production capacity of butyrates

Palital feed additives, manufacturer of additives for animal feed, doubled its production capacity of butyrates in January this year, to meet increasing demand for its products.

The demand for butyrate as a feed additive is increasing worldwide, as there is growing opposition to the use of antibiotics in the production of animals for meat and milk. Hence, Palital also notices increased demand for its butyrate product (sold under the brand name Intest-Plus).

Photo: Palital
Photo: Palital

The company has therefore made modifications to its current production site in Velddriel, The Netherlands. The production capacity has now been doubled, compared to last year. "We are definitely on the right track and we are pleased that our product is appreciated in the market, but we are not there yet. Our ambition is larger. We want to continue to grow and continue to improve, because inaction is not an option”, said managing director Henry van den Bighelaar.

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