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Vitamin E50 and B1 Mono prices show stability

This week’s Feed Additive update, takes a look at the latest price changes in Vitamin E50 & Vitamin B1 Mono.

The price of Vitamin E50 has remained flat over the last 2 months, the longest period of stability since January 2020, despite the intent to increase prices by E50 producers. In a year of instability, buyers, sellers and distributors are cautiously gauging demand for E50 to plan their end of year supply chain.

Vitamin E50 and B1 Mono prices show stability

The price of Vitamin B1 Mono also saw some stability over the last month. Previously, however, the price for B1 Mono declined over 6 months from the peak it reached due to Covid driven supply issues in China.

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Vitamin B1 Mono is now being traded at the same price level that buyers saw at the end of 2019, before the impact of the pandemic. The question now being asked is whether demand has returned to 2019 levels as well.

Vitamin E50 and B1 Mono prices show stability