Young Animal Feed Special

What is it?

Investing in the feeding of young calves, piglets and chickens is very important as it has a huge impact on subsequent performance in later life. As farmers strive for maximising animal performance, it is therefore pivotal to optimise the neonate phase (first days or weeks of life). Investing in young animals delivers greater returns, which is reflected in reaching slaughter sooner, heavier animals, better egg production, better fertility or higher milk yields. In other words, the neonate phase in an animal's life can have a significant effect on growth rate, feed conversion and production and hence lead to better financial results for the farmer. This special issue - a co-effort from AllAboutFeed, Pig Progress, Dairy Global and World Poultry- will bring you all the latest developments and insights regarding young animal nutrition.

Topics covered (preliminary)

  • Importance of young animal nutrition
  • Feeding strategies for the pre-ruminant calf
  • Nutrition for young piglets
  •  Feeding the young chick to increase profits
  • How does early nutrition benefit gut health?
  • Novel ingredients for young animals


September 2015

Closing dates:

  • delivery of article: 5 August
  • advertising booking: 28 August
  • delivery of online banner: 11 September


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