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Demographic information

Location: Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa

Capital City: Pretoria (administrative capital)
Population: 44,187,637

Gross domestic production (GDP)

: 4.9% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $12,000 (2005 est.)

GDP composition by


Agriculture: 2.5%


Industry: 30.3%


Services: 67.1% (2005 est.)



Surface area

Land use

Total: 1,219,912 sq km

Arable land: 12.1%

Land: 1,219,912 sq km

Permanent crops: 0.79%

Water: 0 sq km

Other: 87.11% (2005)

(note: surface area incl Prince Edward Islands (Marion Island & Prince Edward Island)

Information source: CIA World Factbook

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