News last update:6 Aug 2012

AGP alternatives from plants

A large Dutch project named Fyto-V will kick off soon to investigate the application of medicinal plant extracts in animal feed, feed additives and fytotherapeutic medicines.

On 18 October, Dutch research institute Rikilt (part of Wageningen UR) has signed a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture to go ahead with the project. The Ministry has sponsored €500,000 for the project.

Fyto-V will start with a broad international inventory of fytotherapeutics that should cure common diseases in dairy cattle, pigs and poultry. The most promising products will be further researched and tested in on-farm trials. Fyto-V will also take a close look at the Dutch and European legislation and will recommend improvements when necessary.

Natural feed additives

The use of natural additives and medicines is of specific use in organic farming, because they want to minimise the use of therapeutic antibiotics and other regular medicines. Also the European ban on in-feed antibiotics has supported new research in the application of alternative (natural) components in animal diets.
For more information on plant extracts and their application, please go to AllAbout Plant extracts

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