News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cargill wants to enter Vietnamese market

The US-based Cargill Inc. is seeking permission from authorities to establish its distribution arm in Vietnam, with commodities being confined to a group of agricultural-based products, according to General Director of Cargill Vietnam Truong Chanh.

Currently, operations of the US-based giant on the Vietnamese market are conducted via its representative office. "So we cannot keep close watch of goods handling and distribution of products to customers,"  Chanh said. "For example, when Cargill ships soy beans into Vietnam, we must ask 10-12 customers to receive goods right at the port. This makes difficulties for both Cargill and customers. Adding that with the permission, it could deliver products to warehouses and then distribute them to customers."

Increase production

Cargill Inc has had its presence in 66 countries with the annual revenue of more than US$66 billion.Cargill Vietnam, which was established in 1995, operates four animal feed factories and 1 in the process of building three more large-scale ones so as to increase annual production to 750,000 tons in 2010 from the current 450,000 tons.

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