News last update:6 Aug 2012

FEEDAP: "Feed enyzme is safe to use in poultry"

The addition of Hemicell® Feed Enzyme at the recommended dose significantly improved body weight gain in four trials and feed conversion in three trials. Therefore, the FEEDAP Panel considers that evidence of efficacy of this enzyme has been provided at the recommended dose in chickens for fattening.

Hemicell® Feed Enzyme is an enzyme preparation produced by a strain of Bacillus lentus, using a conventional fermentation technique. The product is a water-based, stabilized, brown liquid preparation that contains a minimum of 7.2 x 108 U L-1 of ß-D-mannanase activity. It is intended for use in chickens for fattening at a recommended dose of 79200 U kg-1 complete feedingstuffs.

Safe for animal, consumer and environment
Chickens for fattening tolerated 12 times the recommended dose of Hemicell® Feed Enzyme in feed, and therefore, the use of 79200 U kg-1 is considered by the FEEDAP Panel to be safe for chickens for fattening.
The FEEDAP Panel also considers that the use of the enzyme would not pose a risk for the consumer and the environment. The same applies for the users provided appropriate protective measures are taken.

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