News last update:6 Aug 2012

First import of sustainable soy arrives in Holland

The first batch of sustainable produced soy has arrived in the Amsterdam harbour on 3 November. This Brazilian soy will be used in animal feed and did not sacrifice tropical rainforest and other nature areas. Furthermore, the rights of the local people have been respected throughout the production process.

The soy is certified via the so called "Baselcriteria" and has been result of agreements between the Dutch dairy cooperation Campina and World Wide Fund among others. After China, The Netherlands is the second largest importer of soyand with this strong position it can make a significant contribution in increasing sustainable produced soy on a global level.

Not later than 2011, Campina wants to replace all the soy with the sustainable soy in dairy rations of its member farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium . This represents 150,000 tonnes of soy annually. The first batch has been imported by Cefetra for the compound feed companies Hendrix UTD, Agrifirm, Cehave Landbouwbelang, Boerenbond Deurne and De Heus Brokking.

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