News last update:6 Aug 2012

Higher grain prices for NZ poultry farmers

The New Zealand poultry industry is defending the use of expensive imported grain for chicken feed, despite criticism from New Zealand grain growers.

The Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand foresees an increase in chicken prices because of an 80% increase in Australian grain prices due to crops failing in the drought there.

Nevertheless, the poultry industry is defending the use of imported grain from Australia, depspite disapproval from New Zealand grain growers.
A South Canterbury growers' representative, Jeremy Talbot, says the industry only has itself to blame for being exposed to rising imported grain prices.

He says more New Zealand farmers would still be growing grain if users such as poultry and stock feed companies and mills had paid farmers more reasonable prices in the past. However, Poultry Industry Association executive director Michael Brooks says chicken producers have no choice but to get some of their feed requirements offshore. At the same time, the imported grains have helped poultry producers to keep prices down, according to Brooks.

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